About Federation

We are an association operating under the provisions of the Associations Act and the constitution. We belong to the international organization IOGKF (International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Federation) with the registered seat in Canada, chaired by Master Morio Higaonna Sensei (10 Dan). IOGKF was set up in 1979 during the first international Gasshuku in England.

In Wroclaw trainings are held by Sensei Adam Litwiński (5 Dan) in a dojo at ul. Żeromskiego 75 A. He won master degrees of shodan and nidan with Sensei George Andrews. In December 2007, he was examined for third Dan (Sandan) by Morio Higaonna Sensei in Okinawa. Adam Litwiński holds the instructor’s license in karate Goju-Ryu no. 12181/I/S/2002 awarded by Minister of National Education and Sport.

Each exercising person holds IOGKF ID card which is the true copy of the original document functioning worldwide. Certificates obtained by those who are eligible to degrees are also modeled on IOGKF certificates. Membership in IOGKF is conditional upon the said documents and payment of individual annual membership fee.

Karate for Children

In training of pre-school groups the emphasis is put mostly on elements of play and generally developing exercises. In school groups there are more practical exercises, but karate is still taught by play.

Our objective is to draw attention to the relation between traditional karate and correct physical development of children and their physical and mental health. We use attractiveness of karate exercises to correct bad postures and in prophylaxis.


Children (5-13 years old)
Monday 17.30-18.30
Thursday 17.30-18.30
Monday 18.30-20.30
Wednesday 18.30-20.30
Friday 18.00-20.00


Children (5-13 years old) — 80 zł monthly
Youths and adults — 100 zł monthly (twice a week), 120 zł monthly (three times a week)

Courses at the Honbu Dojo are open to all Goju-Ryu Karateka regardless of grade especially for children and their families.